Freedom Installed
as Standard

Enjoy the internet without being watched,
monitored or hacked.

A different VPN. Better VPN.

Key Features of NodeVPN.

Ultimate Privacy

The content you view on the internet is for you and you only. NodeVPN prevents unwanted eyes to access your data.

No Restrictions

Freedom to access any website or media from anywhere in the world. Regional restrictions are history with NodeVPN.

Easy to Understand

Same experience across all platforms and designed to get you connected in no time.

Available on All Major Platforms.

Do you use Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android or Linux? We have you covered. Free to use VPN service. Get the app for your device now.

Coming Soon

Connect From Anywhere.

Our access points are positioned all over the world, allowing you to connect from anywhere. We want you to have the best connection to the internet as possible without any lag, stutter and buffering.

Focus on the important things, let us take care of the internet and your anonymity.